Using the advantages of Decentralization to protect cyberspace with blockchain security.

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We have your back. Sentinel Protocol offers proactive security solutions and a community readily available to investigate each incident.

Individual Users.

Stay safe in the dangerous cyberworld and secure your assets today.

How Sentinel Protocol Improves Security

The backbone of Sentinel Protocol is the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB). The TRDB collects threat data from distributed sources including cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, payment services, as well as IT and security companies. The blockchain-based TRDB not only guarantees data integrity, but also crowdsources threat data procured by collective intelligence. With proper incentives in place, the Sentinels will propel the TRDB into becoming a global threat reputation database.

How Sentinel Protocol
Improves Security

compare with the conventional security solutions
Security 1

Collective Security Intelligence

All cybersecurity threat information made transparently accessible to individuals, blockchain companies, security firms, governments, and more.

Security 2

Delegated Proof Of Stake

The Sentinels, delegated by Uppsala Security, are a group of individuals and institutions with strong cybersecurity qualifications and expertise.

Security 3

Artificial Intelligence

The client software will use machine learning technology to create model behaviors that help the Sentinels detect fraudulent action.

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Individual Crypto Users


Sentinel Portal

  • User interface to report hacking incidents
  • Post-hack guidance and support
  • Shows reputation and case handling history of each sentinel
  • Check latest threat data before making any transactions


  • Can activate machine learning and distributed sandboxing
  • Advanced security features are subscription-only
  • Can participate as distributed sandboxing nodes

Crypto Payments and Exchanges


Emergency Response Team

  • Case handling experts
  • Anti-theft system
  • Malformed transaction prevention
  • Fraud detection system

Global Alliance as Sentinels

  • Exchange of threat information
  • Real-time alert service
  • Sentinel point rewards for data contribution

Safeguard Cryptocurrency

  • Hacker/Scam address filtering
  • Extra layer of end-user protection
  • Brand protection and reputation management

IT Companies and Security Companies


Emergency Response Team

  • Detection log management
  • Preliminary data analysis

Less Reliance on Signature Updates

  • Automatic data exchange with the TRDB
  • Real-time data update

Sentinel Global Alliance

  • Exchange of threat intelligence
  • Sentinel point rewards for contributions

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