Interactive Cooperation


The ICF (API) is designed to be integrated with financial software applications to actively protect crypto assets from malicious threats. The API also enables crypto service providers to query the TRDB, whitelists, and blacklists - in real time.

Organizations can integrate ICF (API) into their financial software applications to protect digital assets from malicious threats such as hacks and scams.

Protect your customers and clients from losing crypto assets.

Sentinel Portal

This threat information hub encourages users to report malicious activity. All incident reports will be verified by our security experts, the Sentinels, before the perpetrators are blacklisted in the system. Addresses confirmed to be safe will be whitelisted.

The above is for illustration purposes only.

Enterprises and the wider community gain access to visualization tools for tracking suspicious transactions,

as well as machine learning features for risk assessments that block malicious wallet addresses.